About Us

The daycare is a privately owned enterprise whose main objective is to provide high quality services. The daycare operates daily from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The children are divided into groups according to their age. This method facilitates contact between the child and educator. It also facilitates a more intimate and personal exchange between the parties. The activities and program shall support each child’s physical and motor, social and moral, emotional, intellectual and language development. Each aspect of the child’s development shall be promoted through play and daily activities, as well as allowing the child to experiment with his/her environment.

The child shall have at his/her disposal 8 workshops and varieties of toys and educational material which shall help him/her express him/her self and grow based on his/her age, interests and needs. Moreover, the services offered at the daycare are geared toward promoting the health, safety and well being of each child.

Our programs


5 to 18 months Learning through play and exploration of their surroundings while focusing on their gross motor development.


18 to 3 years Developing their gross motor skills and introducing fine motor activities. Learning words and sounds through music and play.


3 to 4 years Refining their global development, focusing on their social and cognitive skills.


4 to 5 years Preschool program global development, introducing the preschool program in order to have them acquire the necessary skills to get them ready for school.


Bee program

Ladybug program

Dragonfly program

Butterfly program

Pj party for New Year

Music class

Science workshop

Art class

Bee program

Travel around the world

Apple picking

Summer fun



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